West Loch Tarbert


While driving home from Carradale on the Kintyre peninsula last Monday I came upon this scene just as the last light was fading. The spot is the ferry slipway at Kennacraig for the Islay ferry. Strictly speaking the sunset was gone and so I set up my tripod to catch the final moments and indulged in this 10 second exposure. The long exposure has made the loch glassy and ethereal. I pushed the saturation a little to accentuate the tiny afterglow. I am more into portraiture than landscape, but I sympathised with the landscape bloggers who endlessly beg Canon to put a direct mirror-lock-up button on their SLR’s. As it is, I have mine in my “my favourites” menu so it is only 2-clicks away, but how annoying that irritating “direct print” button is when it could be used for mirror-lock instead. Canon should ask the 13 people worldwide who use direct-print on an SLR if they could live without it?

f18 ISO 100


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  • Nice shot, Matthew, and good point about the useless (to me, too!) direct print button! Haven’t had need for mirror lock-up yet, but know it is a good option when doing some long exposure shots, so, yes, having it directly available on camera body via button would certainly be good.

    Referred to your 100 Portraits project in a post the other day on site where I am posting a 50mm image a day: http://booz50mm.posterous.com/50mm-a-day-16th-reflection.


  • Hank


  • This is very, very beautiful Matthew. Such a serene and calm image…well done.