Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

Flickr meet Achnamara

These are my friends Dick Edie and Jim Hulme. Two Lightroom exposures combined to cope with the huge dusk-dynamic range.  (Trusty sigma 28mm) This is the mouth of Loch Sween where my friend and colleague Dick Edie lives. Dick and I share a love of photography and we both use Flickr. Truth be told, I’m…


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  • Glad you enjoyed your trip over. The pictures of me are grim as I get more ba’ faced every time I see a shot but we can’t blame the photographer for that.

    You have the wrong boat as the puffer (VIC) it was:

  • Oops I see you don’t allow images in comment. Check out my photo stream to see the puffer.

  • Lorr

    Wow, looks like you all had a superb w/e. Can I ask if the ‘puffer’ was the one used in ‘Para Handy’? I seem to remember that it was berthed at the Crinan Canal at one time…

  • Hi Lorr, that one was the “vital spark” I think. Either it or a replica is lying at Inveraray at present.

  • It seems that they name just about every puffer as the Vital Spark at some time. I think the one used in the filming of para Handy is lying in Crinan Boatyard being toffed up at present. It was in a very sorry state indeed – but then so was the original Vital Spark supposed to be.