Please check the previous post for details of my first portrait workshop, free of charge on the 6th November!

This is Jillian. I have only recently met Jillian. Jillian works with my previous subjects, Eva, Elizabeth and Richard; I think it’s a real possibility that I will photograph my way right through the whole hotel where they work. Actually that’s a truly fun prospect.

Jillian is an Australian from Newcastle, now working in Scotland. She has amazing hair and beautiful freckles. Jillian told me that her years in Scotland, away from the Australian sunshine are allowing her freckles to fade. The raison d’etre for this session was to celebrate the freckles and I couldn’t have been more delighted to do so.

These first pictures are Jillian’s idea and are all about showing both freckles and the very distinctive birthmark on her leg.

The next 4 are all wonderful for showing how Jillian’s eyes, hair colour and freckles complement each other.

And finally 2 playful images showing off Jillian’s truly amazing hair.

For those who care, the session was done with a background draped in a room, and two remote speedlites with umbrellas to soften the light.

Hope you like these Jillian!


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