Portrait Workshop 6th November

Just for a change these are not my pictures posted here. All of the portraits are the ones taken by the 5 really great people who came along to my first portrait workshop on Saturday. It isn’t easy to try a new workshop or format, but my 5 participants made it a real pleasure to try and they were really interactive and relaxed.  We explored “what makes good portraiture”, how to use your DSLR for portraits and how to work with people while photographing them. I’ll certainly do another one early next year, so watch this space if you fancy taking part.

If I can figure out a way of reducing the file size of my power-point from the day I’ll post it for interest.

Here’s a snap of everyone chatting over a coffee after pairing up to try some techniques.

Thanks so much for participating everyone, and I hope you got something out of our short day together. Thanks for buying my lunch; that was really kind and much appreciated.

Check out Dick Edie’s own photoblog: http://dickedie.wordpress.com/

And Richard’s daily photo “blips”: http://www.blipfoto.com/richard


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