Inveraray winter sunshine

This was Inveraray today as I finished a visit there for business. It has been cold and the rain has been a fairly constant feature recently, but days like this are what makes living on the west coast of Scotland so worthwhile. I am so much a portraitist by inclination and by habit now, but as I often say, landscape is my next favourite thing. After my first ever portraiture workshop last Saturday, I dropped in to say hi to Richard in Inveraray while passing and asked him what his usual daily “blipfoto” upload would be. He showed me his usual landscape, and I challenged him to do a portrait instead, offering myself (very uncharacteristically) as a subject. He posted it, and so I now feel obliged to post a landscape to move out of my comfort zone too.

This next one is of an Inveraray building that I always find striking. The sky, with its wisps of cloud made it irresistible.

Do visit Inveraray, it’s cute and characterful.


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