The Paps of Jura from Kintyre

This is the view I encountered on the 21st of December last year, on my way home from a short stay in Campbeltown. This was the late, low-sun view from the beach at Bellachantuy on the Kintyre Peninsula. What made me stop to try this as a mainly portrait guy, was the  desire to play with an amazing new toy. I recently bought a Sony NEX 5 as I really want to try a large sensor mirrorless camera as I think they may have real potential for portraits without frightening your subjects in the way that my fairly large Canon 7D can. An interesting feature is that there is a massive third-party industry in adapters for other lenses. Naturally I can’t resist that, and so blew £27 on Ebay for an Olympus OM adapter. My amazing and handsome friend Martin, (who has featured a few times on my blog) has loaned me a few of his Olympus OM1 lenses to try out. Back to the plot: I had the 135mm prime on the NEX 5 body, (manual focus only), and it seemed to really suit this shot straight into the sun and back towards the Mull of Kintyre. I plan to play a lot more with these Olympus Zuiko lenses, but here is my first posting using manual focus, and no “exif” data, so I can’t remember the f-stop or ISO or anything. Hope you like it. Much more soon about this seriously fun toy.

This was a return to my Canon 7D and a wide angle, standard zoom. This was a little further along the peninsula towards Lochgilphead. The view is straight out towards the Paps of Jura. The view from the peninsula is truly magical and I strongly urge you to visit it sometime soon, the view out to eternity is essential to see if you want to explore Scotland.

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  • Stunning image, looks like something from the Arctic. The views to Jura, and sunsets behind the paps, from the road to Campbeltown are something special 😉