Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

The Glasgow Bridges

Today I was in Glasgow shopping of all mundane things. The value of my S95 couldn’t have been more apparent since I was not intending to take pictures, but I had taken the S95 in my inside pocket. (It’s that small). There was freezing fog everywhere, and it looked bleak and uninteresting. Suddenly I emerged…


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  • Julie

    Really lovely pictures, the wee camera is fab!

  • Lizzy Lowenstein

    Matthew, these are just awesome. A person who sees this beauty and sees beyond the rush of the here and now, must be truly special! Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me.

  • kenny

    Nice set of images. Can almost feel / imagine the coldness of the day. Very cool that you caught the shaft of light under the bridge and that 3 archs shot of the underside of the bridge has a nice ghostly feel. And very true the best cam is the one that is with you always though of late, there are some many choices of nice, fairly pocketable compacts.