Daily Archives: February 13, 2011

For Dear Life

I have decided to have a go at photographing a tree for round one of a photographic magazine’s contest. Truthfully I have always commented on how hard I think trees are to photograph. Getting good contrast between green and brown trees and green and brown backgrounds can be challenging. I have had a few successes,…


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  • How much do you charge for portraits? I’m American, and I probably won’t get over your way for another two years or so, but my best friend is English and ever since I discovered your art I’ve had in my head that next time I visit her I’m gonna to drag her to Scotland so you can photograph us together. I’d like to calculate the cost of the portrait into my savings, so please do let me know.

    Thanks! Love your work.

  • L

    the Bears are still eager :0)

  • If you make all the effort to get to Scotland, the least I can do is a free portrait Rachel Ann