Monthly Archives: July 2011

Harvie and Phil’s wedding

Well, the day of Phil and Harvie’s wedding finally dawned last week, and for much of the morning the weather hung in the balance between dry and rainy. This photograph of Stonefield Castle Hotel where the wedding was being held gives you a clue as to the weather conditions that prevailed; yes it rained all throughout…


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  • cathiegamble

    The photos are lovely of the wedding I am sure they will be delighted with them you really did the truly well.

    Cathie Elaines mum of course

  • Richard Hunt-Smith

    I think you can you describe yourself as a wedding photographer……your portrait skills have worked hugely in your favour……superb. Didn’t read the caption and forgot it was Stonefield until I say the shot on the staircase.

  • Julie Webb Reeman

    Absolutely stunning Matthew!! You can be truly very very proud of these, I am sure the lucky,lovely couple will be thrilled with them…I think you can think about a change of career now!! I love all of these images, a HUGE well done!!

  • Lorr

    These are remarkable, M. They are very natural and you have captured everyone beautifully. I think it reveals sth of the relationship you managed to establish with everyone too. Don’t underestimate how much of a gift that is.