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Petrea and Steve

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing my old colleague and friend, Petrea’s wedding. Amazingly, it didn’t rain, and the sky allowed some drama, I was happy. I was assisted all day by my girlfriend Julie, and she did an amazing job of holding remote flash, helping to ensure that we didn’t miss critical…


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  • Fran

    Wonderful photos, will bring much enjoyment and a rekindling of happy memories as the years go by.

    Great Job!

  • Lelia Newman

    Great viewing the many lovely pictures …….bringing back happy memories of Petrea & Steve’s Wedding Day ……24th. September 2011 ……Buiochas o Auntie Celine …….

  • Joyce

    These are wonderful – I love the ones taken on the beach (especially those in black and white). Was it only a week ago???

  • Maggie

    Stunning, Matthew. Do you realise how talented you are?

  • alistair thomson

    Pippa and I agree that it was the most romantic and joyful of days, and these photographs have captured that mood perfectly.
    They are expertly composed while maintaining a wonderful informality.
    This selection makes great viewing. We’re looking forward to seeing more.

  • Petrea

    Love the photos Matthew, they are just great and can’t wait to see the rest. We both have had fantastic feedback on your photos from friends and colleagues at work…Pure talent…
    From the bride and goom themselves…thank you so much!!!

  • Susan King

    Theses are without doubt, some of the loveliest wedding photos I have ever seen.
    You’ve captured the joy of the occasion so beautifully – if I ever need a photographer, you’ll be my first call.

  • marina scott

    I have just seen the most romantic picture of a bride that I think I have ever seen. Windswept, on the beach, veil billowing, just GORGEOUS. Some lovely ones of the happy couple too, very, very well done. 🙂


    Hello Petrea, this is Isabel, your mother neighbourgh in Torrevieja. Orla told me about this photos of your wedding, they are wonderfull, seams like very carefull planned. All those smart garmets on everybody.
    CONGRATULATIONS, and wish you to be happy.
    See you maybe sometime in Torrevieja.


    OHHHH……!!! I forgot about Grace and Katherine they look like coming out of a fairy tail…. the whole wedding look like that in fact….!!!


Julie celebrating a family Birthday in Clydebank Recently. Mixed lighting from my camera mounted flash and various mixed temperature sources meant black and white was an obvious fallback. A Lightroom preset in duotone, which I have never used before gave a lovely effect on Julie’s very stylishly cut hair. It is “split tone 2”  in…

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Charlotte and David

There is nothing nicer as a photographer than being asked to take someone’s wedding photographs. I am absolutely thrilled that Charlotte and David have asked me. As always with an important event like someone’s special day, a pre-shoot lets us get to know each other and gets everyone comfortable with me and my terribly in-your-face…

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