Heather, Stuart and Daniel

Huge congratulations on the arrival of Baby Daniel to a very loving Mum and Dad. I was at a celebratory dinner with the delighted couple at the excellent “International Starters” in Leith, Edinburgh, when I realised that the light was running out. Heather and Stuart had kindly asked if I would do a family shot so we popped out for literally 5 minutes, leaving the family at the table to catch the light. Luckily my beloved 5D, a Speedlite and my 50mm f1.4 were in the car. Julie kindly held the flash with its diffuser window down to pick the family out of the background. The picture was made quickly and I wish I could have softened the lighting more, but sometimes technical considerations have to bow to what matters; look at the joy in their eyes. Good luck and much happiness from this photographer.


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