Achnamara Evening

No cycling today as I had the immense pleasure of photographing a local artist instead and naturally seized the photo-opportunity with both hands. I will post my favourite shots once we have chosen them together, so in the meantime, I thought you might like to see my other photo-efforts from today. I went for a brief motorcycle ride this evening before dinner, to catch some of the evening light, and stopped off at Achnamara as the light looked great and Loch Sween was beautifully calm. As this was a short blast on my Thundercat I only had the tiny S95 in a jacket pocket. The light was lovely and the Paps of Jura in the background really tickled me pink, so out with the micro-cam, set to f7.1 (on a compact camera that’s like an f11 or smaller on a DSLR) and I braved midges that would have stripped the flesh from a lesser man in mere minutes. (You should have seen me hopping from foot to foot trying to get my helmet on after taking one picture too many. Even more ridiculous was my facial contortion exhibition as I realised that my visor going down merely trapped the flying piraña in-between the perspex and my face. Of course I tried flipping it up in panic, but got a fresh faceful and had to endure them eating me like Winston’s rats almost did in Orwell’s 1984; apt considering he wrote that on Jura, and I had just featured the Paps in the pics.)


Anyway, here they are. I really like this little camera. It is easier to use at night, when the bright sunlight has gone and you can actually see the screen.







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