Country Walking Magazine

This month, country walking magazine used one of my landscape pictures under the Creative Commons license with (tiny) attribution given and permission asked for. It’s a landscape that I don’t really love, and I only included in my Flickr stream as the rainbow was captured fairly well, but the foreground is bland and uninteresting. Clearly what makes it not good enough for me as a photographer, the bland foreground, was just tickety boo for a magazine to place text over. I don’t really know how photographers can make a living anymore from magazines though, as they clearly trawl Flickr and ask for permission to use images and trust that they will be freely allowed; I guess that that genie is out of the bottle now and no-one is going back to the old economy except premium photography titles like Nat Geo and Time. I did ask if I could get a free copy of the magazine in return, but got no reply.

Please note, the actual print is better quality than this scan would indicate.


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