Richard Kennedy

This is wood turner and wood artist Richard Kennedy. I met Richard yesterday and had a pleasant afternoon learning about his passion for his craft. Richard was great company and I could have chatted with him about tools, wood and photography for ages. Richard takes his own product photographs using my old friend, the Canon 40D and he lights the images beautifully using domestic anglepoise lamps.

Richard is shy about being photographed, and in fact was really convinced that he is not a “photogenic” subject. He couldn’t be more wrong in my view. These pictures really highlight what a striking and engaging man he is. Anyway, despite his great modesty as my subject, he is the first subject I have photographed with his own name on his overall!

Richard just loves wood, and knows everything imaginable about it’s grain and moisture content. He therefore had to be pictured among one of his wood piles. Some of his product pictures are in the background, you really must look at his website to see his work.

This one has simple lighting, and really shows Richard’s open expression and really playful eyes. The use of low colour treatment is because Richards workshop has a green tinted close-up light, overhead strip-lights with an oddly warm cast, and some small windows. I added my direct flash to give me some natural coloured light, but the reality was that balancing the light colours just didn’t quite happen, even after a fair bit of work in Lightroom. I could have got there eventually using the selective colour temperature brushes, but really, who has that kind of time. The treatment suits Richard’s dark features really well.

One outdoors from near to Richard’s studio.

This one might be my favourite. Showing Richard in his very compact workshop. Again, I love the directness of his expression.

Not really a portrait, but this is what this guy does, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.


Check Richard’s websites at:



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