My friend Karen is getting married this summer. I will be doing the photography for the event and I am really looking forward to it. Karen works in Inveraray and as it happens, so do I, so it seemed a great idea to get together for a while last week and take some pictures just to get the wedding “ball rolling”. Karen and her sister met me for an hour and we had a great time in the all too rare West Highland sunshine.

Photographically the real challenge was the high overhead sun with harsh shadows. As usual, I fought it off with off board fill flash through an umbrella. Lower sunlight is less of a challenge as you can always shoot into it, with fill-flash for a romantic effect, but high overhead sun, is just tough; that said, the quality of the modern flashguns with ETTL wireless linking is amazing. The results speak for themselves here.

Here is Karen with the now derelict Inveraray pier in the background:

This one didn’t have any fill flash, but I love the playful expression and so a little grain and an old cross-processed treatment style has emphasised the bucketload of cute that Karen possesses:

I always like curves forming leading lines to the subject. The sea-wall here provides a nice one to Karen.

Here are two of Laura, Karen’s sister:

The final one here is my favourite. I really love Karen’s confident expression. Again, the “Vital Spark” provides a leading line to Karen’s face. The real challenge here for the unwary photographer was avoiding “mast-out-of-the-head-syndrome”:

Hope you like these Karen!




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