Hell Yeah Docs!


I just liked the little Doc Martens against the snow. getting HB to stand still for long enough to let me take the picture was the main challenge here. However a second major challenge was the low light. I took this immediately on leaving my work at about 4.50 pm. There was a streetlight or a floodlight helping with the little daylight that was left, but I still needed ISO 3200 at f5.6 to get an unimpressive 1/20th of a second. The next challenge was the mixed light temperatures. An orange cast was all over the snow, but when I tried to lower the colour temperature the picture toggled into too cold a blue. The trouble was the natural light had a lot of cooler daylight blue while I suspect the streetlight was warmer oranges. I took the way out of the scoundrel and dragged an adjustment brush all around the snow with a massive colour saturation cut selected. The very perceptive among you (with good screens) might notice the slight warm hint on her unaltered leggings.


Here is the ragamuffin herself. The cast is clear here even though I have reduced it a bit and brightened her face with an adjustment brush in lightroom.


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