Rannoch Moor Lochan


One of the things that magazines regularly suggest we do to help our creativity is to revisit old images and to see whether we might choose differently or perhaps have a different approach to processing/retouching as we have become more experienced. I found this one from 2007 tonight taken with my first DSLR, a Canon 400D by the roadside going through Rannoch Moor coming home from Glencoe.

I don’t remember being very happy with it, however, upgrading the file to use the post 2012 new Lightroom engine, just seemed to give me so much more control over it. A grad filter to darken the skies and a little clarity adjustment and it seemed to pop nicely. One thing still bugged me though, the rock on the left hand side was drawing my eye in a bad way. The last refuge of a scoundrel was employed and I used the clone tool to remove it. I have left a version with the rock to illustrate.




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