As you may now have noticed, I have made an entry to my photoblog every day of January so far. (Starting work at first light and driving home in the dark has meant, indoor shots, processing of old shots, or reflective writing). When it snowed big fluffy flakes last night I took my 5D and Sigma 24-70 f2.8 out to the back garden and setting a high ISO, snapped this. The light source is the automatic security spotlight in the garden. The tree looked great covered with sparkly snowflakes, and so a picture I simply wouldn’t have bothered trying, became a piece of fun because I have been trying on some January discipline for size. I desaturated most of the scene to help focus the eyes on the snow and the simple triangle of elements without colours distracting.

The really interesting thing here is not photographic at all. The plastic washbasket has been on top of the picnic table for about 3 weeks and indeed throughout the high winds of a few weeks ago. These winds toppled the child-bench in the foreground at their peak, but the plastic washbasket remained unmoved! How does that happen?


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