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Which Inside a Building Picture?

OK, I need your help again. Its round 2 of the Amateur Photographer of the Year competition. The results for round 1 (trees) were in Amateur Photographer magazine today and yours truly didn’t feature in the top 30 that they published. However undaunted I will press on optimistically. (I secretly have the ambition to get just…


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  • Julie

    2 or 13 for me, really like the simplistic ones. The art gallery pictures are beautiful but not as unusual as your abstract ones.

  • martin

    1 or 2. I would put in 2 as I think it fits the brief. Like Julie the Gallery shots are striking but only 4 and 11 fit the brief.

  • Anne

    My favourite is number 10 because of the animals and the aeroplane-in-a-builing! Best building on its own – number 1 – love the red, the big nuts and the church through the window…

  • Maggie Irving

    Number 1. Astonishing!!!

  • Richard

    I’m too late….again!

  • That’s a clever answer to a tricky quoseitn

  • You do have some odd things going on in your head, but only compared to the average American, so that is a good thing. However, no one ever polled me for that chart.[]