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Pride of Paisley

Paisley has introduced a wonderful act of social art, in having many artists sponsored to decorate fibreglass lions which have been allowed to roam the town freely. This is part of their planning for the Paisley city of culture bid 2021 and it is one of my favourite things ever. My daughter and I went…

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First of all I should apologise for the posting famine recently, a good friend pointed out that it was a year since I had posted and needless to say I am shocked at myself. I have had a lot of changes this year in my personal life as well as with my work so I…


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  • Saranne

    What wonderful photos Matthew! And I keep thinking how lucky HB is to have such beautiful pictures of herself to look back on when she’s older. I doubt many of us have such lovely pictures from our childhood. Looks like you had an amazing time. Welcome back to wet, cold, grey Scotland.

  • Petrea

    Fantastic photos Matthew…some real smashers in there!! What a great collection for you all to look back on. HB is a cracker.

  • Jacqueline O'Donnell

    Hi Mathew

    You have an eye for a great photograph.
    I particularly like how you caught the car being stuck in the sand, and the construction photograph.

    Your daughter is adorable and a natural in front of the camera.

    Jacqui x

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Cochno waterworks tower

Yesterday I had a day off work. I travel around the Clydebank area as part of my work and recently had spotted this water tower in the distance, but didn’t know anything about it. My free time yesterday was therefore employed in trying to find the tower from my best guesses about its location. When…


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  • Patrick Hopkins

    Matthew, just saw your website while on some downtime. About 6/7 years ago i discovered this water tower and it’s had me captivated ever since. It’s nice to hear of someone with your eye appreciating what I thought was an amazing example of architecture gloriously untouched. I’m sure whether if it was in the middle of Clydebank or its fringes it’s decline would be accelerated, and I still belive it is.
    The story goes- from the same old man you were talking to I presume- is that in 1993/4 approx it was bought by some Iranian fellow with the intention of ‘low impact residential housing’- an old folks home- situated across from the Watertower and waterworks. All for the hansome sum of £43,000- a steal in my opinion. Occasionally he visits the area and as recent as last year he confirmed to the old man that the green light had been given for his plans to go ahead. His intention of demolishing the water tower has been shown to be more costly than renovating it. I nearly choked on my falafel when I heard about what he planned to do with it. Anyway, keep up the good work, shifts about to end! Regards

  • george smith

    Sad to say the tower is no more, I watched it being demolished today 19th October from my bedroom window

  • Pedro

    My daughter came in round about that time to say it was gone, only to say she was kidding, but there were a lot of machinery in the area, so it didn’t bode well in my opinion. Needless to say, a week later or so my worst fears were confirmed. Razed to the ground, and no one batted an eye. Not even the local newspaper, a spurious, know- nothing rag, usually known for knee jerk reactions (if recent developments in the town are anything to go by) failed to be interested in its demise. A truly tragic development in the name of ‘progress’. I though Glasgow City Council had no soul when it came to preserving identity, but West Dunbartonshire Council really have excelled themselves in ripping out an architectural icon, far more worthy of survival than the individuals who helped bring it to its knees. So long Water Tower, you were there the stuff of dreams!

The Kelpies

These are Andy Scott’s magnificent Kelpie sculptures in Grangemouth by the canal. They have been there for more than a year now and I have never seen them. Today we took little HB to see them and naturally cameras were packed. The sky was very largely grey and overcast, so the focus really had to…

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Drumchapel Water Tower

A snatched moment today of the Drumchapel water tower. This is one of the most striking and futuristic structures that the ’50s gave Glasgow. I have always wanted to photograph it, but had imagined dreamy sunset skies and the magical mood lighting that the city has given its water towers. What I got was 10…

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