Loch Eck


Driving past Loch Eck (Cowal peninsula) yesterday was a pleasant experience due to the soft mist and low hanging cloud over the still loch. I had a deadline which meant I could only pull into a layby and grab my Panny from my bag, it really is a handy way to get a 24mm wide lens in moments. I know I should have used my portable tripod, but time….. I hoped it would test the image stabilisation in the LX3 and at f5.1 (remember the panny only goes to f8 so thats a small landscape DOF setting) and 1/50th second, I think the little beast has acquitted itself more than reasonably. There was so little colour in the scene because of rain and mist that I preferred the cleanness of removing it completely; it reminds me now of a very old box brownie look.


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