Hebridean Air

Today my work took me to the beautiful island of Tiree. I flew Hebridean Air from Oban Airport, with local legend Julie Angel as pilot. In short, it was a great experience, and although my seat only had a window with the engine directly opposite, it was still worth pointing my new Sony carry-around at the astonishing west coast scenery. This was on the return in the late afternoon; Julie positively delights in making this journey pleasant when the weather allows. Aviation or scenery enthusiasts should not miss this. Here are a few snaps just to give you a flavour.


I love that these little islanders have their wheels permanently down.

Not a great picture, although it does show the kind of crinkly-bit-fest that is the west coast of Argyll. Slartibartfast would have loved it.

And then Julie flew us at skimming height, (in commercial flight terms anyway) over the Ben More range on Mull. Wow!

We had the fading sun chasing us behind. This is one looking backward.

Looking out to the south coast of Mull from the mountains.

A little further on, another Ben More outlier.

Even the landing is spectacular; this is the magnificent Connel Bridge.

Safely down!

And I was at work! Eat your heart out city slickers:-)

The midrange contrast, (clarity) was pushed in these to overcome the very-non-optical window glass and its various challenges. A useful adjuster in “Lightroom”!


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