Claire’s wedding preparation

Last week my niece Claire got married. It was great to see her as she teaches in China, but she chose to get married in Glasgow. Although I wasn’t photographing her wedding, I was asked if I would take some pictures of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready for action before donning my own kilt and heading for the church! It was great fun and Claire and her bridesmaids were very relaxed and lovely about being photographed. It was frustrating having to rush off before they had finished their preparation; I missed them in their dresses and I missed the little touches like close ups of hair accessories and the details of the dress on Claire. However, here is what I managed to get before Claire sensibly sent me away to get ready.


Here is Claire beginning her make-up process:

Here is the very talented make-up artist at work; the girls were thoroughly pampered with hair experts on hand as well.

Indeed here is Lara getting some of that pampering in the classic mirror shot.

Here is Karen with her hair looking gorgeous and a little time to savour the occasion.

and here is Heather relaxing in similar fashion, hair in perfect order.

This is Em

Jo looking amazing.

and doing her best to overcome some deep shyness. Jo is getting married later this year in Singapore; I have offered to photograph the wedding of course, but it turns out they already have a local photographer arranged. Ah well!

Let me introduce the flower-girls, Emma and Hannah with Em. Aren’t they lovely!

It just didn’t seem right that Lara was only photographed in a mirror, so that had to be sorted.

Emma again.


Back to Claire, a little further on in the process. I like the window light on this one, it seems so warm and three-dimensional.

Here’s Karen providing girlie support for Claire as the make-up application reaches the final stage.

Flower girls need cliche photographic treatments too!

Finishing touches only now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a bride.

The real business of the day is not hair and make-up however, it is really about stoking the girly-furnaces with sweetmeats, coffee, exotic fruits and chocolates. You just can’t waft around looking feminine and being fragrant on porridge and wafer.

And here are the stunning results of all of that pampering and fuelling. Claire looks amazing.



I believe the shoes are seen as a little classier than Clarks patent products…

I believe the ring here has some small significance for the day.

Some more of the girls in the final stages of preparation:

I just couldn’t love these more. “Does this look okay”?

“Yes, it does, doesn’t it”.

This beautiful young woman is my niece!

Here’s the dress.

And here is the very lovely detailing:

And speaking of very lovely…

Here’s my sister in law in very-proud-mum-mode as she begins getting ready. I don’t have a sister, but I think of Linda as that. My brother did a terrific job when he married Linda!

If you thought the fruit, hair, make-up, chocolate, pretty togs etcetera would be enough to launch the walking/wafting festival of femininity that is the bridal party, you would be wrong; girlies need gifts!

Girlies love gifts!


These young beauties look amazing with hair all prepared, but I can tell you they were angels a little later in their dresses, but that was for some other photographer to enjoy.  🙂

Claire and her five lovely bridesmaids are all friends in China. How amazing that they all came together in Scotland for this special day.

Oh, I forgot, the hairdressing, the make-up, the fruit, the gifts, etc. Not enough apparently?

Here’s to Claire. Congratulations. x

Claire and her mum. The wedding was wonderful and everything went perfectly from the “I do” to the last dance.


Special thanks are due to Linda’s friend Donna, who stepped in about midnight the night before, offering to help me by holding my flashgun and diffusing umbrella. Donna had to rush around to get ready too, and so the time she gave helping out was really generous. It will of course teach her not to drink wine with me again!

Thanks Donna.


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