None the Wiser

This week I popped along to watch local cover-band None the Wiser rehearse in Ardrishaig. My real reason for being there of course was to take some photographs from the session and as ever I was delighted at the prospect. The band do a nice line in rock-covers and I had a great time being (very loudly) entertained for an hour or so while wrestling with the light.

Actually I should say with the lack-of-light as the rehearsal was lit by one striplight and a single weak spotlight in a fully curtained-off stage area. For the technical among you, that meant ISO 6400 and still only 1/60th of a second at best. As for autofocus on a moving subject….well even the beloved 5D mark  2 is bound by the laws of physics; it was slower than I needed it to be and for about 1/3d of the images I switched it off and used optimism while attempting manual focus.

In short 270 exposures come down here to only 32 favourites. Hope you like them.

A few of the band:

Here’s bassist Paul. Note a lot of monochrome in this post as my offboard flash on stand, flourescent strip and probable tungsten spotlight made for a mad white balance which never looked normal whatever I tried in processing.

And sticks-man Pete. Check the state of those by the way:

This is a a very technical outfit, here they can be seen checking mission-control before launching the next classic.

And guitarist Dave, who actually relaxes for the camera. Yes fellow photographers, these mythical creatures do exist and you are looking at one; thank you Dave!

Now that they have been introduced I’ll let you just see the images…

Here is the band’s loud and sassy frontwoman, Jo:

Did I happen to mention that I would like to have a Stratocaster? Just in case Santa reads this blog…

Check out their Facebook page and if you are near Mid-Argyll soon, maybe have a pint and take in a gig. These guys are good!




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